Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Parenting by The Book Gallery

Last September 27, 2007 the MA Club had it's Parenting by the Book Event and Club General Membership Meeting entitled: Raising Confident Kids with Ms. Cathy Borja as special guest. Although there was a typhoon and the rain is pouring hard, the event has been a succesful one!
*P.S. For those who want to get a copy of Ms. Cathy Borja's talk and presentation on Raising Confident Kids please e-mail us at mommyacademyclub@gmail.com.


kristine Barrios said...

I am encouraging all the members of the Mommy Academy Club to always attend the PBB (Parenting By The Book) .This is the one thing we truly need. There are many books available in the bookstore for Child care and parenting and most of which contradict each other. I am reading this book entitled Discipline a child without shouting or spanking. As i read through,everything seems to be perfect and easy, haven't tried it though 'coz my son is only 5 months old and it's for children ages 1 to 5.It basically talks on the importance of communication and being a role model to your child. There are lots of good books but the best book is the Bible not only will it give us knowledge but it will nurture us spiritually. Just observe the kids of the new generation, they are very much different from our generation, yes they are active, aggressive and very wise but for me, knowledge without God's word is so dangerous. People were saying we are living in a dangerous world and for me the very weapon we could use in moulding our child is by exposing them to God's word. Well, what do we do when we are worried? We pray don't we? 'Coz we believe there's God. So,why not practice praying with the child while they are still young? Telling them to be obedient through GOd's word?

See you all on Oct.27

Anonymous said...

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