Sunday, September 16, 2007

MA Club Update!


Being one of the leading advocates in educated and active parenting, Mommy Academy continues to reach out to more and more parents around the country to promote its advocacy of educated and active parenting. Now in its 8th year Mommy Academy is exploring new ways with new avenues and events to further pursue our goal --- to create a legion of active, educated and responsible and good child raisers, made possible through its parent support group, the MA Club.
Ma Club delivers its advocacy trough different free parenting events, services and support linkages. To highlight some of its activities, we have the Pedia Talk Live!. In fact, this averages to 1000 parents per event based on the 24th Pedia Talk Live! held last May of this year. These seminars and workshops allow parents, doctors and experts to tackle different issues and concerns relevant to practical parenting and childcare. As in the past years, topics include pregnancy concerns, newborn matters, training toddlers, and raising pre-schoolers. As an added consideration, Mommy Academy also set up daycare/activity centers at each event where 0-9 year old children can be left to play. The Pedia Talk Live is in its 27th Edition come October this year.
We also have the Kid Adventures, a half day fun activity for kids and parents alike, which strengthens the family bond and provide children opportunities to enhance and discover their skills and talents through sports clinic, play activities, craft sessions and more. This year, the MA Club’s Kid Adventure has given Swimming Lessons (Pasay City Sports Club), Sports Clinic (Ateneo Covered Courts) and Arts and Craft (with My Masterpiece in Glorietta).
Another is the MA Club Learning Sessions which is a 2-3hr group session of 30-50 pax maximum, providing up-to-date information especially for pregnant and newly given birth moms. To date Mommy Academy have also developed a tie up with different hospitals in the Metro to further reach out to parents regarding their pregnancy and infant care concerns. Twice this year, Mommy Academy have also conducted its Pregnancy & Baby Series, a parenting event exclusive to pregnant and newly given birth mothers, concerning pregnancy concerns.
We also have the Parenting by the Book, an intimate group session all about parenting straight from the life’s ultimate manual, the Holy Bible. This is the latest addition to MA Clubs advocacy events exclusive to MA Club members.
Also, Mommy Academy is touring around the country with The Barangay Tour Series – a three part parenting program consisting of Health, Values Formation, Livelihood Forum and as well as Free Medical Consultation together with the Local Government Units and MA partner experts and Advocacy Partners. To date Mommy Academy has gone to over 50 barangay with a participation base of 200-300 pax (apprx. 15,000 parents educated) per event and continues to do so today.
The MA Club is also going full blast with its advocacy and reach-out projects with MA Cares and Kapatid: a Health, Values and Livelihood Facility launched recently in Brgy. San Antonio Valley 1 in Sucat, ParaƱaque providing basic health consultations, values formation seminars and livelihood training as well. Bulk of MA Club Membership proceeds goes in the maintenance of the said facility. So Club members not only enjoy the exciting perks and benefits of being club member, but they were also able to extend their help with the less fortunate members of our community.
This year, our television show Mommy Academy aired every Saturday 11:00am to 11:30 am on IBC 13 is taking further steps to effectively communicate and give further programming value to the viewers as it undergo major overhauling with new segments and features you’ll able to relate and love. Only by God’s grace Mommy Academy being the longest running parenting show in Philippine Television is now reaching the whole archipelago via IBC 13. So expect a whole new and better Mommy Academy very soon.
Being an MA Club member we encourage you to be active and take part with all our activities such as parenting events, membership meetings and reach-out projects as we go full blast of our advocacy to reach out to more and more parents all over the country and educate them how to raise future good raiser. By doing so, you’re taking a small step into helping us realize our dream to create a good parenting generation for the future!

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