Sunday, September 2, 2007

Absolutely Pregnant Gallery!

Last September 1, about a hundred preggy and newly given birth moms came to Dusit Hotel Nikko to join Mommy Academy's Pregnancy & Baby Series entitled POSITIVELY PREGNANT! Everyone sure had a great time during the event and below are some of the snap shots. Thank you so much for making Positively Pregnant a positively scuccesful event! See you all on future Mommy Academy Events!

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Eshie said...

hi good day.

i just browsed MA blogspot website and i remember i attended this event last Sept 2 2007. I had so much fun and learned so many things about taking good care of a newly born child. I was 9month pregnant that time and blessed to have won Medella Breastpump in your raffle :-). I think i also have picture taken when i received the raffle prize. If I may ask to have a copy of this picture as a souvenir during my attendance at MA Absolutely pregnant. FYI im doing my pregnancy scrapbook thats why. Thanks so much -Mommy Eshie Avengoza