Monday, May 28, 2007

Fan Mail! Yes we do have One!

Here's one of the so many letters we are receiving from our loyal club members and regular parenting event atendees. We just want to share this to everyone--specially the moms who are constantly supporting our program and especially our advocacy. We really, really wanted to hear from you, for us to serve you better trough parenting activities, thus it really warms our hearts to know we are helping you in our own little ways!


I've always looked forward to attending Mommy Academy events because for sure my little angel and me is sure to have fun and enjoy the activities whether it's a Pedia Talk Live, a mall event, or swimming at the Pasay City Sports Center...

As always, both the Splash-O-Rama and Huggies Fun for Mommy and Me were a success! Thank you for organizing events such as these so parents and kids can bond together.

Huggies has always been a very generous sponsor!! Food stubs were not as limited as in the previous events(hubby, my babe and I didn't have to share with just one snack serving). And I liked the toiletry kits with product samples (very good products!) that they gave away last May 5. I hope Huggies continues to co-sponsor in the future events =) As in the past, I appreciate very well (and I'm sure most parents do, too) the Huggies Diaper Changing Booth as well as the very useful giveaways. =)

In the past three events, I have been receiving call invites through I guess, a phone brigade. I think it's a great way to promote upcoming events. Although I know this requires extra work on your staff, I still would say, keep it up =)

Hubby, my daughter and I will be attending Spalsh-O-Rama 2 and June 9's PTL. Please add us to your registration list: Adriano and Bianca Relucio with Chloe Francine, age 3.

By the way, is it possible for MA to ask sponsorship again from Gonuts Donuts (for free yum-yum-yummy donut treats) and Star City on May 26?? These are the sponsors that I was looking forward to seeing last April, but sadly, they weren't there.. Also do invite again, was it Kathy's beads?? Basta yung accessory-making for the PTL!! It was a really good crafty (and bonding) activity for moms and tots to do while waiting for the program to begin, I just love it!
Well, what more can I say?? See you next week and God bless, more power to all of MA's staff! You're doing a great job!

Mommy Bianca

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